Mother Matcha was born out of our burning desire to create a healthier alternative to coffee. Our founder Samantha was tired of the exhausting side effects that she experienced when she was would drink coffee: the jittery highs followed by the crashing lows were affecting her mood and wellbeing.


While on a trip to Asia in May 2018, she fell in love with the matcha that she saw the locals drinking at tea houses and cafes. While sipping on her first cup of matcha, she fell in love. She became fascinated with matcha and the way that it made her feel, both mentally and physically.


Mother Matcha’s goal is to create products that make you feel good from the inside out. Our matcha lattes are filled with antioxidants and amino acids and provide you with a steady stream of calm energy.


In addition to our passion to make the best product possible, Mother Matcha has a social impact mission that drives us forward every day. As a female-founded company, our desire is to support and empower women in business, entrepreneurship and technology. Through our partnerships with nonprofits that share the same vision, we are focused on putting an end to gender inequality throughout the business and technology landscape.