What makes Matcha so incredible?


◦  L-theanine: The amino acid found in matcha is known for providing a calm, steady stream of energy by increasing alpha waves within your brain. Not the kind of manic energy you get from energy drinks or some coffee drinks, but a cool, calm and collected focus.


◦ Antioxidants: Matcha is one of the most concentrated forms of antioxidants on the planet. Antioxidants greatly benefit your well-being and overall health. If your skin starts glowing and you are feeling pretty great after drinking Mother Matcha, you can blame the impressive power of antioxidants for your good fortune. 🙂


◦  Chlorophyll: this ingredient has multiple benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties which heal the skin and body. As a well-know immune system booster, chlorophyll is great for detoxification of the body (think of it like a trip to the spa, but for your immune system!)


◦ Matcha has displayed the ability to burn fat and promote weight loss in multiple scientific studies, while helping you feel your absolute best. Win-win! 



Here’s the real science: